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Big White

With our catalog BIG WHITE we offer a wide-diversified spectrum for lamps and lights. Living space lighting as well as outside lighting are represented in the BIG WHITE. Different variations in rail systems, the newest LED technology, any kind of installation lights belong to our article groups. Every illuminants are to be found there by the smallest pencil base lamp up to the HQI spots. Modern design and quality is a basic prerequisite.

BIG WHITE: Modern and timeless ... Wall lights, covers lights and pendulum lights in different forms, colors and designs. LED technology stood on the newest one, rail systems which are extendable individually and various installation lights are just one of many article groups which you can find in this catalog. A big choice in Outdoor lighting belongs naturally also to one of many product series. Also in the area of accessories like transformers, power supplies and illuminants you will lack nothing in this catalog.

The BIG WHITE is the ideal solution for a complete package in the field of lighting. Contemporary ambience lighting, extravagant recessed spots, different track systems in high- and low-voltage, decorative lighting with the newest LED technology as well as a large selection of outdoor lighting of the many product lines. Also of accessories such as transformers, power supplies, and bulbs nothing is missing in this catalogue.